How NDIS Cleaning Services Can Help People With A Disability

Maintaining a clean living space can be challenging for people living with a disability due to mobility issues, cognitive challenges or sensory sensitivities. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offers funding to facilitate access to daily living support services, including professional cleaning services.

Understanding NDIS Cleaning Services

NDIS cleaning services are designed to assist people with a disability in maintaining a clean and healthy living environment. These services cover various cleaning tasks, from routine housekeeping to more specialised cleaning needs. The goal is to ensure NDIS participants can live safely and comfortably in their homes.

You can only use NDIS house cleaning services if they are deemed reasonable and necessary in your plan. If your NDIS plan includes funding for Assistance with Daily Living, you can hire a cleaning agency to help with house cleaning, gardening, and home maintenance.

It is important to remember that these services cover basic house cleaning and maintenance work. However, it does not cover any tasks involving electricians, plumbers, or professional maintenance workers. If your plan does not cover NDIS cleaning services, contact your planner for advice on the next steps.

Services Offered by NDIS Cleaning Services

These are the basic cleaning tasks a cleaning company will offer. However, they can be customised to suit your needs and preferences.

  • Vacuuming and mopping
  • Home organisation
  • Garage cleaning
  • Washing, folding, and ironing
  • House and bathroom cleaning
  • Cleaning of kitchen surfaces
  • Dusting

Benefits of NDIS Cleaning Services

Promotes Self-Reliance

NDIS home cleaning services assist with household chores, which reduces reliance on family, friends, and caregivers and increases a sense of autonomy. Participants can feel more satisfied managing their homes, giving them an overall sense of accomplishment and freedom.

Reduces Health Risks

A clean living environment is necessary as dust and allergens can compromise immune systems. NDIS cleaning services contributes to proactive approaches to hygiene for better health outcomes, reducing the likelihood of illness or exacerbation of existing health conditions.

Reduces Stress and Improves Emotional Wellness

The state of your home can impact your mental health. A clean, organised living space can reduce stress and provide clarity and comfort to participants.

Customised Support

NDIS cleaning services are flexible and tailored to the specific needs of a participant. Customising these services ensures that individuals can receive the support they require.

Things to Consider when Hiring a Cleaning Service Provider

Before hiring a cleaning company for NDIS home cleaning services, some factors must be considered to ensure the NDIS covers the costs.

  • Have a Service Agreement: Like all other service providers, creating a service agreement with a NDIS cleaning service provider is crucial. This written agreement should contain your service delivery and requirements while protecting you against any misunderstandings regarding the services.
  • Price Agreement: The NDIS uses an hourly-rate pricing system, meaning you and your service provider must agree on the rates before deciding. Understand that any amount outside the NDIS hourly limits will not be paid. Therefore, consider including incidental costs in the agreement to avoid paying from the pocket.
  • Use the NDIS Pricing Arrangements: To avoid payment issues, the cleaning service provider should ensure their invoices meet the NDIS requirements. In addition, they should be able to offer services continuously by following these requirements;
  • The provider must indicate the hours worked because the NDIS uses an hourly rate system.
  • Cleaners must include incidental costs like transport for purchasing extra cleaning supplies in the hourly rate for the NDIS to accept it.
  • The NDIS regulates the maximum amount a cleaning service can charge you per hour. This information is included in the NDIS price guide.

Tips for Making the Most of NDIS Cleaning Services

Since the NDIS funds for cleaning services in your plan under Assistance with Daily Living, you should find ways to maximise the funding to get the best services. Here are a few tips to ensure your home is clean and maintained efficiently.

  • Communicate Clearly: Be open and transparent about your cleaning needs and expectations when discussing your plan with your NDIS planner and service provider.
  • Regular Feedback: Always provide feedback to the service provider to ensure you get the best NDIS home cleaning services. If something is not done to your satisfaction, let them know so they can adjust accordingly.


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