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NDSP Scholar Bobby Completes Generation Thrive’s Personal Leadership Program

With the aim of delivering personal leadership and personalised coaching programs to young people, Generation Thrive helps participants define what success is to them. This also helps them create personal and professional goals that are meaningful, whilst building the self-leadership habits, skills and attitudes that will lead them to success across multiple areas of their life.

This engaging and interactive program provides participants a toolkit approach to learning. It aims to help participants activate their full potential, navigate setbacks with solution-focused thinking, and increase their confidence, motivation, wellbeing, and clarity. Evidence-based, and underpinned by numerous positive psychological theories, this program is backed by 24 years of outcomes and research and development, from parent organisation Youth Opportunities.

Generation Thrive’s Personal Leadership Programs, are flexible, accessed anytime and are a combination of self-paced online learning and one-to-one coaching that run for 8 to 12 weeks.

In partnership with Generation Thrive, NDSP Plan Managers supported one of their young participants, 21-year-old Bobby, to enrol in a personal leadership course. This will help him grow as a young adult and learn the skills to achieve his success now and into the future. Bobby wanted to learn everything about being a personal leader. He focused on two personal goals in particular: to get a job in a local hospital so he could feel more independent, and to be happy within himself.

Throughout the program, Bobby participated in group forum discussions and learnt tools to help him build the steps towards achieving his goals, whilst being mentored by his own personal coach, Greg Hatcher.

The team from NDSP and Generation Thrive arranged an online catch-up with Bobby to hear his thoughts about the program and to share all the learnings he picked up in the past 8 weeks.

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