the importance of website accessibility

The Importance of Website Accessibility

Imagine a vision-impaired woman trying to book a doctor’s appointment via a local clinic’s website. Or perhaps a young boy with mobility impairment who needs to do an online research for his upcoming school assignment. It will be extremely challenging for both, especially if these websites are not user-friendly for people with disability.

In a generation where we all try to rally for a more inclusive world, website accessibility is fast becoming an important topic that needs to be discussed and addressed.

Based on studies, roughly around one in six Australians has a disability. Regardless of their disability, each person has the basic right to freely and easily access any form of content and information on the internet.

Everyone has the right to actively participate in any form of online discussions and activities without being hindered by challenging interfaces or hard-to-access online content.

NDSP Plan Managers believes that having an easy-to-use Accessibility Menu in our own website is an integral service that we should provide to everyone.

userway website accessibility widget tool for people with disability

Here are the Accessibility Menu tools you can use in NDSP Plan Managers’ website:

  • Screen Reader
  • Color Contrast: Invert Colours, Dark Contrast, Light Contrast, or Desaturate
  • Highlight Links
  • Bigger Text
  • Text Spacing: Light Spacing, Moderate Spacing, or Heavy spacing
  • Pause Animations
  • Dyslexia Friendly & Legible Fonts
  • Cursor: Big Cursor, Reading Mask, Reading Guide
  • Tooltips
  • Line height: 1.5x, 1.75x, or 2x
  • Text Align: Align Left, Align Right, Align Center, or Justify

Having an integrated Accessibility Menu helps to reach a wider audience. It also minimises barriers for users, especially for people with disability, to access your content.

There are several other ways individuals and organisations can help make their websites more accessible. This includes:

  • writing image descriptions
  • adding video captions, subtitles, and transcripts
  • inclusion of audio descriptions

Let us know how else we can help people with disability access our web content more efficiently. We are more than happy to hear your feedback and suggestions.

NDSP Plan Managers is a NDIS-registered provider specialising in NDIS Plan Management. If you are a NDIS Participant looking for the right Plan Manager, CLICK HERE to get in touch with our friendly team today.


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