Our NDSP staff talks about the value of fun

Coffee Break with NDSP Plan Managers: We Value Fun

In this video, our team from NDSP Plan Managers discusses what their idea of “fun” is and how they bring fun into the workplace.

Fun can mean a lot of things to different people. For some of us, fun means loving what we do, finding our purpose, and servicing our clients with a smile on our faces.

The value of fun:

Although certain aspects of our participants’ lives can be serious in nature, we want their interactions with NDSP to be light-hearted and fun. We approach fun respectfully based on the rapport we have built with each individual. We want our participants leaving a conversation feeling happy. Here at NDSP Plan Managers, we bring the heart, joy, and fun in plan management.  To know more about us, visit our website: www.ndsp.com.au

NDSP Plan Managers’ core values include: compassionate, knowledgeable, fun, innovative and trustworthy. 

Watch and listen to our team as each person shares their thoughts about the value of fun. Here at NDSP Plan Managers, we bring the heart, joy, and fun in plan management.

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