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Gather Community: Pas and the Importance of Friendships

NDSP Plan Managers recently launched a new campaign called “Gather: Our Community. Our Stories.”

Every month, we encourage our community to share their personal stories which relate back to our different content themes.

July is all about celebrating beautiful friendships. Here’s another inspiring story that we have received from one of our story submissions:

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Pas (third from the left) and his friends

“How lucky am I? I started school in 1963 and I can still remember my first school day back then.

I can remember my teacher’s name, Mrs. Armstrong — what a lovely lady. School is where I’ve met four of my closest friends: Ezio, Henry, Kevin and Robert.

I am 64 years old now and we still keep in touch. That’s 58 years in the making.

But that’s not where my story ends…

Along the many paths we follow in our lives, I’ve met another group of friends mostly from high school. These guys also became part of my social group – the year was 1968. That’s 53 years now that I’ve known Andrew, Enrico, Martin, Rocco and Tony. Not many marriages last that long!

All these gentlemen, in their own way, contributed to my well-being and self-esteem. When I’m with these guys, even with all my physical ailments, I forget about my disability and I feel like an ‘able-bodied’ person. How good is that.”

– Pasquale

Thanks to everyone who has shared their stories with us. As the chosen story of the month, Pas has won a $50 gift card from NDSP Plan Managers. Stay tuned as we’ll be announcing the theme for August 2021 soon.

NDSP Plan Managers is a NDIS-registered provider specialising in NDIS plan management. If you are a NDIS participant looking for the right plan manager, CLICK HERE to get in touch with our friendly team today.


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