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Healthstin’s MyHealthPal App For Better Health And Wellbeing

NDSP Plan Managers chatted with Dr. Rachelle Sultana, Senior Exercise Physiologist of Healthstin, to learn more about their MyHealthPal app and the key benefits it provides to NDIS Participants.

What is Healthstin?

Healthstin is a team of Allied Health Professionals who are passionate about maximising a person with disability’s functional capacity (both physically and mentally). Keeping the body and mind moving is essential for one’s overall health and wellbeing. Healthstin practitioners are trained in supporting people with complex and high needs.

the healthstin team - ndis providers
Dr. Rachelle Sultana (front row centre) with the Healthstin team.

What is the MyHealthPal (MHP) app?

MHP is a movement dedicated to the health and wellbeing of NDIS participants. This user-friendly, cutting-edge technology is designed to motivate and encourage everyone to engage in self-autonomy when it comes to taking control of their health. Anyone who accesses the app will have the guidance and support of highly qualified exercise experts.

You get access to:

  • A comprehensive health, exercise, lifestyle and functional capacity evaluation
  • A personalised exercise program with narrated videos and descriptions to complete daily, at a location and time of your choice
  • Virtual fortnightly check-ins with your MHP to update and progress your program
  • Live exercise sessions with your MHP expert to keep you on track
  • Real-time chat function with your MHP expert five days per week

Who can benefit from using the app?

Regardless of age, abilities, or where you are in your health journey, anyone can benefit from using MHP. Your MHP expert understands that each individual has unique abilities and circumstances. They will also help personalise your experience by designing a program and plan to suit and empower your abilities.

MHP can be accessed from any smart device or computer and can be downloaded for offline use.

MHP is so easy to use and can potentially reduce the cost of Participant’s therapies as this can be an effective solution to supplement face-to-face therapies.


NDSP recently teamed up with the Healthstin team during the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games to do a five-day trial of the MyHealthPal app. The staff of both organisations took part in the daily exercises and app challenges.

The MHP experts were able to pinpoint specific weaknesses and strengths of each individual who participated. They also chatted with everyone daily to keep them motivated with personalised exercise programs and various daily physical activities.

Watch this sample video clip of the daily challenges:

Juliet (NDSP Support Services), who took part in the challenge, said, “It was great fun. Aidan (my colleague) helped to keep me motivated. I have severe arthritis in my hips, wrists and lower spine, so movement can be quite painful. But I thoroughly enjoyed doing the app challenges.”

To learn more about the MyHealth Pal app, visit healthstin.com.au or email hello@myhealthpal.com.au.


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