Meet our NDSP Relationship Gurus!

As a growing team, NDSP is diverse and filled with passionate people working in various roles to ensure we fulfil our pledge to clients, providers and ourselves. And to continue to let you inside the world of NDSP, we thought we’d introduce you to a few more all-stars that make up our team.

This group of people are our Business Relationship Managers and State Relationship Managers who are (in general terms), tasked with showing Australia who NDSP are, specifically creating meaningful relationships with your providers and other stakeholders within the disability services sector. Their role is as important as any here at NDSP, so we’d love for you to join us in celebrating the work they do by simply getting to know them!

Jade - NDSP Relationship ManagerName: Jade Dickie

Where do you call home? NEW home is (Biggera Waters) Gold Coast or “Goldy”.

Your Role: Business Relationship Manager Qld

What inspires you to work in the disability sector? I am very new in the sector, The passion that people have in the disability sector is inspiring and truly a breath of fresh air.

Favourite thing or moment working in NDSP: NDSP is growing so fast, with Participants and employees. I can see the care that the employees have for the Participants by truly living the values and treating them as a person and not a number. The work they are doing is helping the Participants daily living and they talk about it all the time in the offices. Not only that but the support the senior management is giving the employees through this tough time has been outstanding and truly something to be proud of as an employee.

The most interesting thing you have learnt about working with people with disabilities or the NDIS? The NDIS worker orientation was a great module for someone like myself who is new to the Disability Sector. I really like how they highlighted that people with a disability just want to be heard & it is so important to listen to them so you can hear what they are saying.

Please shine a light on your experience of a great participant outcome story… Being new to the role I had the benefit of spending some time with the operations teams. I have seen first hand the absolute care that the finance team has provided in these tough times of the coronavirus. A provider has called in to urgently get an invoice paid as she was an independent business and needed to feed her 4 children. The finance team escalated the invoice and uploaded it into the portal straight away – once approved by NDIS they made an exception to transfer funds over so the provider could get their money faster and would reconcile the payments on our end. The provider was blown away with the service and extremely appreciative that we took the time to understand their needs.

Best advice I ever received… Bite off more than you can chew, and chew like mad.

Carly - NDSP Relationship ManagerName: Carly White

Where do you call home? Adelaide, South Australia

Your Role: State Relationship Manager SA / NT

What inspires you to work in the disability sector? I love working in this sector to be able to support and help people. I am inspired everyday by what people are able to achieve with the right supports, its magical.

Favourite thing or moment working in NDSP: I love my role as it means I get to meet amazing new people in the sector every day. The NDSP staff are all so amazing to work with, they work so hard to help each other, our customers and providers. Everyone lives the NDSP’s values and we all come to work with a smile on our face because its such a great organisation to work for. We also have a lot of fun.

The most interesting thing you have learnt about working with people with disabilities or the NDIS? Despite the challenges we face with the NDIS it is an opportunity to be creative in the disability space. I love that it is providing so many opportunities for people that we have never seen before and people now have choice and control over what their supports can look like. The sector is such a resilient space and people are really coming together to support each other.

Please shine a light on your experience of a great participant outcome story… I have seen so many lives changed through the NDIS and some examples that have taken time to get through with the right evidence and documentation are: a squat toilet for a young boy who couldn’t use a regular toilet, a young woman in a nursing home getting a much needed larger bed to support her, a woman who was only ever able to communicate through non-verbal ways receiving the right technology and therapy to help her communicate in ways she has never done before.

Best advice I ever received… “What’s before you won’t go past you” and “This too shall pass” are two things my beautiful nana would remind me during challenging times.


neil - NDSPName: Neil Cumming

Where do you call home? Perth.

Your Role: Business Relationship Manager

What inspires you to work in the disability sector? I have been fortunate to receive many opportunities in my life and now I enjoy being able to provide opportunities for other people to create a better life for themselves.

Favourite thing or moment working in NDSP: Working with a great team of people who are passionate about their work.

The most interesting thing you have learnt about working with people with disabilities or the NDIS? The number of barriers some people experience to just live a ‘normal’ life.

Please shine a light on your experience of a great participant outcome story… In my last role I worked as a transition officer in the psychosocial space. This is an area where the person’s disability itself is a barrier to gaining access to the NDIS. Then throw in another challenge such as barely speaking English and it would be almost impossible for this person to request (and meet) access to the NDIS. I loved the way that several different parties (family, transition officer, case manager, interpreter) worked together to ensure this person and their family got the support they needed. We are fortunate to live in a country that even has a system like the NDIS and then all the additional supports to help people access it.

Best advice I ever received… Always surrender but never give up.


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