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Mosaic – More Than a Support Service

With an organisation name like “Mosaic Support Services,” you might initially think that this is the sole thing they offer: support services. But when you look a little deeper, Mosaic provides a multitude of other very cool programs and initiatives that make them unique.

One such initiative is their visual arts program, through which a group of people with disabilities are being empowered to show their perspective on life through photography.

Mosaic clients who participate use great hardware, with access to professional-level DSLR cameras that produce amazing quality images. They get together weekly to practice their skills and create images showcasing the world “through their eyes.”

The work they produce often ends up in an exhibition or they are turned into products or prints that are sold in the “Made By Mosaic” online store:  madebymosaic.com.au.

These items sit alongside a suite of other products that are also made by Mosaic. From candles to homewares and jewelry, their social enterprise shop makes the Mosaic products accessible to anyone.

These products aren’t just made by photographers. Mosaic clients can also contribute in a number of ways: from choosing the candle scent, labelling items, to product development. It’s also a great opportunity for them to participate in volunteer work and operations.

It is a beautifully thought-out way of helping participants reach goals, offering a channel where they can connect to the community while challenging themselves. Participants are given the opportunity to build new skills and learn ways how to run an online store.

There’s definitely truth in the statement they’ve published on their website: “There is a role for everyone at Made by Mosaic.” 

Mosaic Studios is a world where participants can create anything from a short film, performance art, or participate in an episode of their radio broadcast (Xpress Radio: Home Deliver).

The films are released on Vimeo and are featured on the website. As you look through the selection of videos and broadcasts, you can quickly see the impact these activities have on participants. It really is a joyous experience and another example of broadening the skills of those involved.

Here’s a little video sample to make you smile:

We urge you to spend some time watching some films or you can also bookmark the page so you don’t miss a new release.

If you’d like to learn more about Mosaic, head to their website: mosaictas.org.au

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