Nas Campanella Disability Affairs Reporter

Nas Campanella – The New Disability Affairs Reporter for ABC News

By now we’re sure you know Nas – we’ve shared some of her story before – Nas Campanella’s voice is synonymous with Triple J radio’s news and for sure she’s one intelligent woman doing some pretty great things.

Considering the positive way our last article was received, we thought we’d put together a brief update on what Nas Campanella has been up to since then …

If you weren’t already aware, Nas hung up her JJJ headphones recently to take on a new role as Disability Affairs Reporter for ABC News. To say the move is a big deal is an understatement considering the rarity of a journalist with a lived experience of disability holding a national cross-platform reporting round specifically dedicated to disability affairs in Australia (Stella Young MORE than deserves recognition in this space too of course).

Nas had this to say about her new appointment …

“I want to provide a platform where the voices of people living with disability are heard. I want to support the disability community to share their experiences the way they wish to tell them. And I want them to feel represented and empowered.

 “This is also an opportunity to educate people about the expectations, assumptions and barriers too often placed on people living with disability and I’m very proud to do this with the ABC.”

Nas’ new gig sees her covering all manner of stories from around our great land, from Dating with a Disability and timely coronavirus pieces through to improving the working lives of people with a disability from the perspective of people with a disability.

The breadth of what might be covered during Nas’ tenure is scarcely imaginable, but we can be sure of a few things…

Ms Campanella will create insightful and meaningful pieces from a perspective not often seen in our mainstream media landscape.

She’ll likely pull at some heart strings, but you can be certain she’ll do it with purpose and an aim at improving the experience of the disabled community in Australia.

Nas Campanella’s history working internationally likely sets her up for future work improving the lives of people outside our own borders living with a disability (Nas spent time filing on location aid pieces for ABC NEWS, implementing training programs for people with disabilities and the UN).

Here’s some of what Nas has created since her new appointment:

• Learning how to make your workplace more disability friendly — from people who live with a disability

• Dating with a disability: Extra help on offer for singles in search of love

• Disability workers caring for suspected coronavirus patients ask for pay rise

• This is also a great piece featuring Nas: No barriers to inclusion for people with disabilities

It’s safe to say that whatever she covers, she’ll do it well all while bringing a fresh perspective to Disability Affairs for more Australians to engage with.

*Image of Ms. Campanella from her Instagram account: @nascampanella

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