Bowl Abilities is an inclusive Tenpin Bowling program

Provider Spotlight: Discover Tenpin Bowling with Bowl Abilities

Bowl Abilities is an inclusive tenpin bowling program designed to teach anyone the basics of the sport.

Ideal for newbie bowlers (with or without disability), their 6-8 session programs are delivered by qualified coaches and trainers (Lane Rangers). The games are adapted to suit the needs of the players.

Game modifications include having carpets over the top of lanes, the player can start 9 metres closer to the pins, two 5-frame games and simplified scoring systems. They also have access to resources and supported developed with Autism Spectrum Australia and Special Olympics Australia.

Some of the general benefits of joining Bowl Abilities include:

  • Improved balance and coordination
  • Increased confidence and leadership skills
  • Making new friends
  • Having a sense of achievement, among others.

Team Australia and Bowl Abilities

An 8-session program is just $99. From targeting the pins to throwing more strikes, Bowl Abilities run different fun themes for their trainings per week. Read some of their frequently asked questions here: bowlabilities.com.au/frequently-asked-questions.

  • To learn how to participate in Bowl Abilities anywhere across Australia, visit bowlabilities.com.au.
  • If you wish to start your own Bowl Abilities event in your local centre, you can email them at bowlabilities@tenpin.org.au. 
  • You can also start with their easy ‘Bowl @ Home’ videos: bowlabilities.com.au/bowl-at-home/
  • Already know how to bowl? Tenpin Bowling Australia encourages people who already know how to bowl to join a league (competition) at their local centre. Find a registered centre at tenpin.org.au/find-a-lane or ask when you next visit.
  • Wanting to become a coach? if you’re supporting or caring for a learner bowler, give our free, online Lane Ranger training a go; you’ll be better equipped to provide advice and instruction. bowlabilities.com.au/lane-rangers to register and start today!

Images used:

  • Image 1 credit: ‘Lane Ranger Lyn Alexander coaches Bowl Abilities in Adelaide, SA’
  • Image 2 credit: ‘The Australian Team for IBF World Para Cup, November 2023’

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