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Spotlight on Naomi Lake: A Published Author and a Disability Advocate

Naomi Lake is a published author, an actress and a disability advocate. She also has Down syndrome. Ms. Lake’s mantra is: “anything is possible.” You’ll probably read or hear this same phrase whenever you’ll see any media coverage on her.

Harmony the Forgetful Hen and the Lost Eggs is the first in Ms. Lake’s series which focuses on the adventures of her favourite chickens. The book, illustrated by a London-based artist, was inspired by her chickens’ antics as she watched them over many years in her Western Australian home. She paid particular attention to how they scratched in the yard while interacting with their surroundings. The book has also been translated now into Spanish.

Here’s a fun interview with Naomi shortly after her first book was released:

Naomi followed her first book with another one featuring her muse, Harmony the Forgetful Hen. The book is entitled “Harmony The Forgetful Hen And The Fox” which was released in 2019. Both books are read in classrooms with Naomi travelling to remote and rural schools around the country to talk about literature with eager youngsters.

Now aged 30, she’s focused on spreading her message to everyone. During an interview with ABC, she once said:

“If you have any dreams of travelling or music or whatever you want to do, anything is possible.”

Publishing two books might already be a big feat for most people, but Ms. Lake has so much more to give. Her passion for the arts has seen her go from practicing drama in front of a mirror to being on stage as part of Albany Light Opera’s Lets Shine productions. She was in an ABBA show and her love for dancing led her to be dubbed by friends as “the Dancing Queen”.

Outside of Naomi’s creative pursuits, she’s also an official ambassador for Down Syndrome WA and Down Syndrome Australia. She has completed courses in hospitality, retail, photography and is now studying Fashion Design at TAFE (yes, she’s also an accomplished seamstress!). Carers WA asked her to pen an autobiography that they’ve published as a free e-book, but none of this has stopped her from volunteering her spare time to Meals on Wheels, delivering meals to the vulnerable in her local community.

As part of her advocacy for Down Syndrome WA and Down Syndrome Australia, Naomi is here to continuously spread her “core message”:

“Treat any people with Down syndrome or with disabilities as an individual because we are not all the same.”

Naomi recently delivered a speech to health professionals on behalf of Down Syndrome Australia about how health professionals can have a better understanding of people with Down Syndrome. She talks about a procedure where she was required to have a tooth extracted – a scary thought for most that certainly requires empathy. Her story is undeniably valuable…

With all these under her belt, we’re sure you’ll agree that Naomi Lake is indeed a powerhouse!

You can buy both books online via Ms Lake’s website: https://harmonyhen.com.You can also follow Naomi’s Harmony Hen facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Harmonytheforgetfulhen. We also suggest you take a look at Down Syndrome Australia’s website to stay up to date with everything else Naomi gets up to.

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