Below are some of our Frequently Asked Questions. Call our friendly team of NDIS specialists on 1800 63 63 77 if you have any other questions or would like to discuss Plan Management with us.

Plan Management is like having your own personal bookkeeper that assists you with:

  • Receiving and recording all invoices from your providers
  • Checking the invoices are correct and contain all the required information eg NDIS codes and correct pricing
  • Claim the funds through the NDIS Portal
  • Paying providers on your behalf and answering their enquiries
  • Updating Nappa, our Participant Portal, so you can see what is happening in real-time, 24/7, that includes copies of invoices and remaining budget amounts
  • Providing monthly statements

Other services we can provide, but are not funded for:

  • Specialist support relating to any of your NDIS questions
  • Assisting as much as we can with provider options in your region

For NDSP Plan Managers to manage your plan (or to be plan managed at all), you must have ‘Improved Life Choices’ included in your NDIS plan.

If you have an upcoming planning meeting or review, make sure you request that Improved Life Choices is included in your plan. This is the part of your plan that covers all plan management fees so there is no expense to you. If you have a current plan without Improved Life Choices included, and you do wish to be plan managed, simply request a review of your NDIS plan. Be aware however that reviews can take some time.

The NDIS will approve claims for what is deemed ‘reasonable and necessary’ support. These are goods or services directly relevant achieving your specific goals and objectives detailed in your current NDIS plan. The NDIS will be unlikely to approve claims that are not deemed to be related to a participant’s disability, such as:
  • Day to day living costs
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Support items already delivered under other NDIS funding
  • Items that do not represent value for money
  • Items that may pose a risk of harm to the participant or others
  • And items already covered by other Government funding such as Medicare etc.
You can find more info about reasonable and necessary supports on the NDIS website.
An advantage of Plan Management with NDSP Plan Managers is that we are able to work with almost any provider, which means we can work with an existing service provider if you have any as long as they meet legal constraints regarding the NDIA’s  “reasonable and necessary” rule. If you are looking for advice on which providers to engage, please contact us and we can help meet your individual needs and goals. We can also connect you with dedicated support coordinators to contribute to your plan’s success. Getting started with new providers is straight forward, we can send you a document containing all the information a prospective provider will need. From there, the rest is up to us! If you’re not happy with your services, please get in touch with our team and we can assist in transitioning to a new provider.

Being plan managed costs you nothing.

When your plan includes Improved Life Choices, the NDIA completely cover our fees.

NDSP Plan Managers are completely transparent with your budget and expenditure. We will provide you with a monthly budget update, but if you would like to see your balance and budget in the interim, please get in touch with our team and we will provide you the info you require.

You sure can…
Your plan is yours, meaning you can change Plan Managers at any time. If you intend to transfer to NDSP Plan Managers from another provider during your current plan, you should check you current Service Agreement and check what period of notice you have to provide which may be around 2 weeks. All you need to do is provide them notice in writing that you are changing Plan Managers and you can register with us straight away but we won’t be able to provide Plan Management services until your notice period has finished. Simply give a call and we will be happy to assist you through this process.
If Self Management is not what you were expecting, you should contact the NDIA on 1800 800 110 to discuss your concerns and advise them that you prefer to move to Plan Management because of all the benefits that Plan Management provides. There will be varying times to transition across to Plan Management depending on your circumstances but the NDIA will be able to assist otherwise call us and we can guide you through the process.

Transitioning to a new managed plan with NDSP Plan Managers is simple. Simply email info@ndsp.com.au, attach a copy of your new plan, and we’ll do the rest!


NDSP Plan Managers take pride in delivering Plan Management services to your clients and supporting your role by providing up-to-date details regarding your client’s funds.
Please download our Service Agreement to be familiar with and retain for any of your clients who may wish to appoint NDSP Plan Managers as their Plan Manager. You can also see more more information here.

Becoming a Referral Partner with NDSP Plan Managers is simple – we’d love for you to be a part of our community. Referral partners are people or organisations that refer NDIS participants to us to assist them with their Plan Management requirements. Email us at info@ndsp.com.au or you can read more information here.

Management Types, Compared:

NDSP Managed

NDIS Managed

Self Managed

Manage your invoices while ensuring your providers are paidTickTickCross
The ability to use registered and non-registered providersTickCrossTick
Management of your service agreementsTickCrossCross
Finding and connecting you with appropriate service providers (if Support Coordination is not included in your NDIS Plan)TickCrossCross
Help accessing specific service providers in your areaTickCrossCross
Easy and fast access to your budget and funds balanceTickCrossCross
Access to dedicated, independent advice and expertise throughout your NDIS journeyTickCrossCross
Service provider support to ensure your services are administered in accordance to NDIS requirementsTickCrossCross

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