List on our directory!

NDSP Plan Manager’s ‘Support Coordinator + Disability Service Provider Directory’ is FREE to list on and open to registered and non-registered NDIS providers.

Tasmanian providers we have a new pilot site, ProviderLink you can now list on for free.

ProviderLink will be rolled out nationally over the next 12 months, so stay tuned.

ProviderLink™ powered by NDSP Plan Managers

To help our clients
best utilise their
NDIS funding
We Created This Directory

The way it works is;
  • Enquiries (including enquiries we get every day from our own Support Services team) will be directed to our Directories pages on our website
  • Once someone types in their location, a list of Support Coordinators or Disability Providers will appear in the “Search Results”
  • If someone searches within range of your organisations postcode, your organisation will appear with your contact details and a short spiel on your services