NDIS Pricing Arrangements
 and Price Limits

Every year on the 1st of July, the NDIS publishes an updated price guide named the 'NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits'. Formerly known as the NDIS Price Guide, these guidelines assist NDIS disability support providers and participants in understanding price controls for NDIS support services. Price regulation in the disability support scheme is crucial to guarantee that participants can maximise the support they receive. Download the most recent versions below.


Price limits are federally determined maximum prices that are chargeable for specific NDIS services. Prices may vary depending on how the participant’s plan is managed. For agency-managed participants, providers must charge the exact amount specified in the pricing arrangements. Plan managed participants can pay below the price guide, but not above it, while self-managed participants have the flexibility to pay their providers either above or below the stated amounts.

Price limits for a number of services, including travel allowances, can vary depending on the participants location. For example, the NDIS payment rates are higher for regions classified as ‘remote’ or ‘very remote.’ The NDIS regularly updates the pricing arrangement, so it is crucial for plan managers and participants to access the latest information. In addition, there are downloadable guides available online with their respective dates.