We are Plan Management specialists, here to take the stress out of NDIS. Our role as your Plan Manager is to assist you by paying your supports to providers from your NDIS funds.

As a Participant you will have already received a letter from the NDIS confirming your eligibility and you may be preparing for your NDIS planning meeting.

This is ideal timing for a brief, no cost chat with our team. We’ll only need a small amount of your time to discuss some ideas for your planning meeting.

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During this part of your journey, there’s some key things to remember:
  • Plan Management costs you nothing; it gets added to the plan (Improved Life Choices)
  • Plan Management is your right; there is no eligibility criteria
  • Plan Management gives you the most choice and control without the hassle and administrative burden of self-managing funds
  • You have unlimited access to our NDIS and Plan Management expertise from before your NDIS planning meeting and for the lifetime of your plan …

Participants – We’re here to support you!

we Check and Pay your NDIS funds

Check and pay
provider invoices in a timely manner

Participant Portal - NAPPA

Real-time budget access
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Participant Portal

Expert NDIS Advice

Expert Advice
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Long Term NDIS Support

Long term support
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the future

What NDSP Plan Management means to our Participants…

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A Participant’s NDIS Access Journey

From eligibility and access to becoming an NDSP plan management customer

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Participants toolbox

We’ve built a toolbox filled with common terms, helpful insights and suggestions on how your Plan can best work for you when using NDSP as your Plan Manager.

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