As a registered provider, NDSP Plan Managers must provide additional information to participants under the guidance of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

NDIS Code of Conduct – All NDSP employees are required to meet the Code of Conduct


Worker Screening – All NDSP employees are required to hold a current Department of Community Supervision and Intervention (DCSI) and Police check and meet requirements of the Worker Screening Rules


NDSP have a comprehensive mandatory employee induction in place and all staff and volunteers will participate in an induction program prior to commencement. The induction program will include training on duty of care, risk assessment and management, professional boundaries and ethical behavior.

NDSP operate under a continuous improvement model and encourage feedback on service provision improvements. Feedback can be submitted via our website: https://ndsp.com.au/compliments-and-complaints/ where you can also find useful links to the NDIS Safeguards and Quality Commission.

NDSP has a Policy in place where reporting to the NDIS Commission is required in circumstances of Violence, Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation or Discrimination occur. This includes Financial abuse. Further information can be found here https://www.ndiscommission.gov.au/providers/incident-management-and-reportable-incidents

We are bound to provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions about any of the information provided. This includes access to an independent advocate. Enquire here.

Understanding NDSP Service Agreement. If you require support to understand the NDSP Service Agreement and terms and conditions of our service delivery to you, please call 1800 363 377 to speak to one of our team.