A SALA Festival Art Exhibition | 8-12 August 2022 | 10AM-2PM


48 Greenhill Rd, Wayville SA 5034

About the Exhibition

‘Unmasked by NDSP Art Collective’ is NDSP Plan Managers’ inaugural South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival Art Exhibition.

With this year’s theme of ‘Unmasked,’ the exhibition is a playful juxtaposition of two spaces: the pandemic-stricken world we are currently living in that can be limiting and isolating at times; and the creative space where people living with disability release their emotions and artistry through the arts.

The exhibition features over 120 artworks by people with disability and organisations who are involved in the disability community.


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Accessibility toilets are available within the building. Suitable for children.


hussain alismail and jamila main work for ndsp art collective

Hussain Alismail and Jamila Main

Title: Concrete Violence (2022)

These works are the latest creations in the ongoing interdisciplinary collaboration between Jamila Main, actor and writer, and Hussain Alismail, photographer.

The series explores stairs as the quiet but disabling barrier to access around the city of Adelaide, recently crowned as one of the most liveable cities globally. Alismail and Main ask for who is this the most liveable?

Bars, Parliament House, and other places of work places we should all be able to enter are subtly yet violently inaccessible, with the addition of a few centimetres of concrete.

In this series, both artists bring their perspective on the matter. The locations were selected for Jamila’s connection to them as a disabled wheelchair user living in Adelaide, and Alismail’s lens attempts to frame every location with respect to an angle that exposes every experience.


Grace (Untitled)

james for ndsp art collective

James (Frolicking)

Oliver (Wattle)

assunta for ndsp art collective

Assunta (Untitled)

Dean (Untitled)

Dorothy (Untitled)

NDSP and the Arts

Beyond plan management, NDSP aims to support participants in achieving their various personal goals.

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