Battling Adversity Crosses Borders

People with spinal cord injuries are living proof of how humans can overcome adversity. There are many throughout history who we can look up to as examples of just how incredible the power of positivity and desire can be.

AdversityOne such example is Dr. James Post, who suffered a catastrophic spinal injury at 14 and who later became an aspiring med student fighting discrimination by medical schools through to today operating as the Chief of Internal Medicine at the James J. Peters VA Medical Center in the USA.

His multitude of accomplishments, including recently gracing the cover of New Mobility Magazine in the U.S. (https://www.newmobility.com/), have inspired the work and resilience of countless others around the world including Australia’s very own Dr. Dinesh Palipana (check out his recent Instagram post about Dr Post – at left)

on their pathway to working in the medical field and, we’d be safe to say plenty of others too. Dr Post’s approach to battling adversity has indeed crossed borders, and with the help of the internet, so many more can be inspired by the journey of someone so tough.

His story of strength through adversity is powerfully told through his 2020 TEDx talk. If you have the time (around 17 mins), sit back and go on a journey…


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